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CHICAGO – August 10, 2023 – AHEAD, a leading national provider of enterprise cloud solutions, announced a comprehensive Platform Engineering expansion program with Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company. The partnership accelerates self-service, CI/CD, platform automation, developer accelerators and policy as code via an orchestrated managed services framework provided by AHEAD. 

Harness provides an end-to-end software delivery platform for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production with velocity, quality, efficiency and governance.  

AHEAD’s consultative expertise in automation and DevOps, combined with Harness’ innovative capabilities and features, rapidly onboards customers to Harness CI, CD and Security Testing Orchestration services and enables Software Engineering Insights. 

Following AHEAD’s previous launch with Harness in November 2022, when the two partnered to accelerate FinOps & DevOps adoption, this expanded partnership incorporates a 12-month co-development effort designed to provide customers with instant maturity through hands-on implementation of the following resources: 

  • Harness Platform Engineering Automated Starter Kit 
  • Self-Service Catalog Integrated with ServiceNow 
  • Over 500 Templates & Accelerator Modules for CI/CD & IaC Acceleration 
  • Code Management Guidelines 
  • Policy as Code Templates 
  • Getting Started Guides & Operational Runbooks

“We’re eager to partner with AHEAD to launch the Platform Engineering Accelerator program,” said Jim Fahey, VP of Sales, Americas for Harness. “We have only seen increasing success from the launch of our Cloud Accelerator program in November. Now, both programs allow AHEAD and Harness to provide our customers with a faster turnaround to recognize value and innovate, enabling them to remain competitive while being efficient in today’s market.” 

“Harness continues to innovate in the cloud and DevOps adoption space, and we want our clients to be able to take advantage of their new capabilities quickly,” said Nick Colyer, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions at AHEAD. “Leveraging AHEAD’s extensive experience in automation and integration, we have been able to rapidly onboard Harness and provide instant maturity to our clients by combining our capabilities. Momentum behind Harness continues to accelerate, and our Managed Solutions team is positioned to help customers rapidly switch to their platform from legacy providers.” 

Learn more about how AHEAD and Harness help enterprises accelerate the impact of innovation here. 


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