This article originally appeared on All About Ann Arbor Chicago-based tech company AHEAD, a consultancy and leader in cloud solutions for enterprises, announced Wednesday the opening of a new research and development lab in Ann Arbor. The “Cloud Innovation Center” facility will function as a space where clients and members of the AHEAD team can collaborate and research up-and-coming cloud technologies. From Google’s new expertly-designed offices, the presence of Ford, Toyota and other industry leaders at University of Michigan’s autonomous vehicle testing facility Mcity, to being the birthplace of online security leader Duo Security, Ann Arbor has become a booming tech hub in recent years. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Kaplan, said given its strong tech presence, Ann Arbor is the right location to open a new lab. “Ann Arbor has always been a great location for our teams who serve the Michigan region,” Kaplan said. “But with the burgeoning tech startup scene in Ann Arbor, thanks to it being home to a renowned research university, the time is right to establish one of our AHEAD labs there.”
According to its website, the new lab will be located at 535 W. William St. The new facility will allow the company to engage more with Michigan-based clients and those around the greater Midwest. “Michigan has given a lot to AHEAD. We wanted to invest back in the region to create a space where we, our clients, and partners, can work side by side on innovation” Kaplan said. The Cloud Innovation Center will be AHEAD’s third R&D facility to launch, following two Chicago locations.
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