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For enterprise leaders, security is a frequent, ongoing concern that cannot be overlooked. And despite its critical role in determining the success or failure of an organization, many security ‘grey areas’ remain. This is, in part, because the security industry as a whole has been disproportionately focused on products.

At AHEAD, we believe that security is a process – not a product. There is no end state to zero trust maturity – the goal of any zero trust program is to constantly get better. It is about developing the right processes to reach the desired security posture and only then incorporating the tools and technologies to enable it. This is particularly important when it comes to implementing zero trust throughout the enterprise, where buzzword stigma and opportunistic product naming conventions have muddied the waters for organizations looking for real zero trust architecture (ZTA) solutions.

In this eBook, we’ll outline our holistic approach to zero trust by examining our maturity roadmap, the process of standing up a zero trust security program, and the architectural strategy required to enable it.


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