Industrial Edge for Rail: Investing in Next Generation Safety Technologies

Train speeding past a man standing at a train station

Trends in rail safety over the past decade have shown a strong and steady improvement, however recently, a big step forward occurred with the U.S. government’s passing of the Rail Safety Act of 2023. This mandate includes a provision requiring rail companies to install wayside defect detectors and new safety procedures at rail crossings and rail yards to prevent future accidents, or pay a hefty fine.

Investing in next-generation AI technologies like computer vision is a great way for rail companies to meet these new requirements, even in the most remote locations. These smart edge devices use data from cameras and other edge sensors, enabling rail companies to leverage AI to monitor for incidents at scale.

In this eBook, learn how organizations in the rail industry can leverage industrial edge technologies to improve safety and future-proof their operations, and the solutions AHEAD can provide to execute industrial edge deployment, orchestration, and management at scale.


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