Networking for the Modern Enterprise

Networking for the Modern Enterprise

When an organization states that they want to be more ‘modern’ or speaks of becoming ‘a company of the future,’ what exactly do they mean? Is it providing better, more convenient services to their customers? Is it gaining the ability to operate at maximum efficiency? Empowering their employees with cutting edge tools and technologies? Moving their most important business functions to the cloud?

The short answer, in most cases, is yes—to all of these things. But regardless of an organization’s definition of ’modern,’ there are certain connectivity prerequisites that will be necessary to realize those ambitions. In this eBook, we explore the building blocks for a modern connectivity model and the critical components for maximizing both network security and efficiency.

To learn more, download the full eBook or check out the on-demand sessions from the 2022 AHEAD Spring Summit: Accelerating to Cloud-Native.


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