The Keys to Compliance: Navigating Regulations through a Data Governance Framework

In today’s world, data is the lifeblood of the enterprise – and while it has become an invaluable tool for accelerating the growth of enterprises in all industries, data’s widespread utility has also elevated new challenges in the form of regulations. It’s important to note that data regulations aren’t actually new. In fact, regulatory agencies have been pushing for a higher standard of data verification and documentation since the 1990’s. What has changed, however, is the sheer volume of data being collected and organizations’ ability to make use of it.

So, it stands to reason that if enterprises are going to be collecting and leveraging massive amounts of data, there must be specific guardrails in place to regulate how that data is used. Given the often-complicated nature of these regulatory mandates, virtually every industry has felt a sense of urgency around becoming—and remaining— compliant. While these mandates are typically oriented toward business outcomes, the true key to adhering to them comes from proper data management initiatives driven by a data governance framework. Having an informed governance framework not only helps enterprises remain within the guidelines of the mandates, but puts them in the position to better manage their data assets.

In the following whitepaper, we’ll dig into some of the most noteworthy regulations and explore the challenges they pose with regard to data governance.

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