Ransomware. The word that scares and petrifies IT organizations and cyber insurance companies alike is on the rise – and companies are looking everywhere for ways to avoid paying the ransom. As ransomware grows to be a top concern for enterprises, vendors across the IT landscape are offering recovery solutions that they claim will help stop ransomware in its tracks and ensure that businesses can quickly recover and resume normal operations. While those promises sound great, that is only one small piece of a much bigger pie. Ransomware resiliency is a multi-faceted approach that requires support across many different IT teams, such as security, governance, operations, data protection, networking, and incident response, just to name a few. These teams must collaborate and align their visions to stitch together a solution that identifies what data needs to be protected, how that data should be protected, and how to build in operational governance and compliance to ensure recovery. With this in mind, AHEAD has identified six key pillars to build out a comprehensive ransomware recovery strategy for organizations – each of which requires thoughtful planning to baseline where an organization stands today and how to build maturity around ransomware recovery.


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