Amazon WorkSpaces

The AHEAD WorkSpaces Solution

Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing service built on the Amazon cloud. It allows organizations to quickly and easily provision (and de-provision) one or many cloud-based desktops as well as provide access to applications and data from a wide array of supported devices in a pay-as-you-go model.

Amazon WorkSpaces provides organizations with the flexibility to rapidly respond to dynamic business requirements by reducing upfront capital expenditures and simplifying ongoing management, all while providing the required security and controls.

The AHEAD WorkSpaces Solution

When helping clients with a new Amazon WorkSpaces environment, we leverage our reference architecture to guide the design and deployment. Our reference architecture ensures the environment has the necessary foundation or “scaffolding” in the Amazon cloud and wraps additional services around the native Amazon WorkSpaces services. The result is a production-ready DaaS solution that not only delivers desktops to end users but has the built-in-security, monitoring, and integration required for the ongoing management and optimization of the environment.

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AHEAD offers prescriptive services for every stage of your Amazon WorkSpaces journey. AHEAD can help you navigate the entire process, leveraging our AHEAD Innovation Framework (AIF) and best practices to help you get it right the first time.

AHEADStart for Amazon WorkSpaces

The AHEADStart for Amazon WorkSpaces service is designed for clients looking to rapidly deploy a VDI/DaaS environment using Amazon WorkSpaces. We will help you create and configure your public cloud account, provision 50 WorkSpaces to end users, and migrate up to five applications within just four weeks.

Strategy, Roadmap, Design and Plan

AHEAD’s Strategy, Roadmap, Design and Plan service follows a collaborative, workshop-based approach to help clients define use cases, rationalize technology alternatives, and build consensus on the optimal solution for a new environment: Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, or End-User Computing.

Consolidated Billing for AWS

AHEAD’S Consolidated Billing for Amazon Web Services provides best practice guidance an ongoing analytics of your AWS consumption, including Amazon WorkSpaces. Based on your usage and trending, we will also provide recommendations to optimize savings.

Next-Generation End-User Computing

Organizations are more dynamic than ever; they grow, they shrink, they acquire, they divest, they respond to seasonal demand, and they augment their workforce as needed. While they have to be agile and nimble, they still must operate as mature, well-governed, secure entities. In today’s enterprises, the effectiveness of End-User Computing technologies can be a distinct differentiator to win in the market. The landscape is competitive, so the ability to onboard employees and enable productivity is paramount. Many choices exists, but often require complex infrastructure and capital investments, dramatically slowing the time to value. Enter Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Amazon WorkSpaces.