Chicago — June 10, 2024 — AHEAD, a leading national provider of cloud, data, and digital engineering solutions, announced today that it has entered Los Angeles County’s Enterprise Systems Management Architecture (ESMA) program, a framework that helps manage and integrate various software applications and systems within the LA County government.

This agreement means that AHEAD meets the required criteria and has been chosen to contribute Information Management, IT Transformation Services, and Privacy Consulting Services to the ESMA program in LA County.

“Our collaboration is set to streamline application development, enhance our credibility with customers, and ensure seamless integration of IT transformation services across Los Angeles. AHEAD is proud to support LA County in achieving its ambitious IT goals and looks forward to a future where technology and service excellence pave the way for unprecedented success in this community,” said Vernon Fletcher, Managing Director at AHEAD.

AHEAD can now help drive LA County initiatives in key areas, including infrastructure upgrades, cloud adoption, digital transformation, data management and analytics, cybersecurity enhancement, collaborative tooling and communication, mobile and remote access, and open data initiatives.

Pending approval within additional Privacy Compliance Consulting categories, AHEAD’s service offerings will also include breach and incident management, privacy audits and assessments, data inventory, classification and mapping services, and privacy rights and consent management services.


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