automotive manufacturing

In automotive manufacturing, edge and OT infrastructure network uptime can make or break your bottom line. But most manufacturers’ edge infrastructure is on the verge of crumbling at a time when investing in Industry 4.0 technologies is key to staying competitive. 

Implementing a consistent framework for network automation across your manufacturing plants is a foundational remedy for this new era of intelligent, interconnected, and data-driven manufacturing. But it can be daunting to scale this framework across all your manufacturing operations. 

Standardizing and maintaining consistency across sprawling networks is difficult due to their complex and dynamic nature. It’s also challenging to adopt the right network automation tools and applications that align with business objectives. 

But scaling network automation in the automotive industry is possible, and most manufacturers share several common roadblocks on the journey to network automation maturity. In this guide, we discuss four common challenges most organizations face when adopting network automation, and strategies for overcoming them. 


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