A ransomware attack doesn’t need to grind your organization to a halt. At AHEAD, we believe that security is a process – and taking stock of your organization’s defenses against one of the most costly types of cyberattacks is a critical step in the process of improving your security strategy.

Our Ransomware Recovery Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s ability to recover from a ransomware attack using the capabilities provided by VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Ransomware Recovery. We can analyze your organization’s current disaster recovery and backup procedures to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend improvements to strengthen your resilience against ransomware attacks.

The assessment only takes a few minutes, and delivers an instant performance dashboard that gives you critical insight into your organization’s readiness to quickly failover to a cloud-based recovery environment, validate backups, and perform at-scale recoveries.

Take the assessment to ensure that your organization has a robust and effective ransomware recovery plan in place that can minimize the impact of an attack and maximize business continuity.


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