Secure Service Provisioning with Ansible Automation Platform, vCenter, HashiCorp Vault, and Cisco ASA/ACI

Automating deep into the environment drives efficiency and security. In this demo we show how to integrate Ansible Tower, vCenter, HashiCorp Vault, and Cisco ASA/ACI devices. The outcome is a single Ansible playbook that does the work of the VM admin, O/S admin, network admin, and the security/firewall team. This demo walks through the following steps:
  • Prerequisites for integration
  • Begin deployment from Ansible Tower
  • Retrieve secrets from HashiCorp Vault
  • Connect to vCenter and create VM
  • Attach VM to existing Cisco ACI EPG
  • Glean IP from deployed VM
  • Allow traffic to new VM
  • Push NAT and Security Rule
  • Automation Testing


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