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Break Down Operational Barriers With a Cloud Community of Excellence

Cloud transitions constitute a shift in people and process as much as a technical change. To truly unlock the value of public cloud, you must not only modernize your technology stack from the data center to cloud, but you must also make changes to the way your organization operates.  

Many organizations seek to develop a cloud center of excellence to solve for this shift in their organization and technology, but here at AHEAD we take the approach of developing what we refer to as a Cloud Community of Excellence. We believe that as IT professionals, one day we will all have the responsibility of being “cloud engineers” to some degree. Only with a strong community of cloud support will widespread and impactful change occur within the organization and enhance our skills as technical professionals. 

By building a community of specialists from different areas of your IT organization, you and your team can break down barriers to cloud adoption and advocate for cloud-friendly processes within each facet of the business.  

To help your team launch its own Cloud Community of Excellence, we’re offering our proprietary approach through a downloadable collection of slides. 

Remember that when building this community, skills and education are at its heart. Fuel your Community of Excellence by leveraging existing domain experts to educate others and implement best practices across their specialties. Training plans and education keep the cloud adoption wheel turning, give IT teams confidence, and help guide the rest of your organization towards getting the most from the cloud.  

For a deeper dive into why a Cloud Community of Excellence is important and how to get started, watch our Bridging the Cloud Skills Gap webinar.

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