Easing the Headache of Network Lifecycle Management

For a successful enterprise network refresh, each of your locations needs a custom design, equipment procurement, staging, configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. How is it possible to do this at tens or hundreds of locations with potentially thousands of network devices in scope?

You can ditch the piles of spreadsheets and roadmaps, we promise.

AHEAD’s SVP of Engineered Solutions Justin Formella will walk through AHEAD’s Hatch platform, showing how you can harness the power of full supply chain visibility to automatically track the thousands of moving parts of a refresh project from procurement to disposition.

Check out our on-demand walkthrough of Hatch and Q&A from the live session. See how Hatch can help you:

  • Set up automated procurement workflows and real-time order tracking.
  • Keep track of end-of-life roadmaps on full tech stacks, components and other items — with risk scoring for impending component EOL dates.
  • Utilize reverse logistics services to facilitate the return or relocation of assets.
  • Stay on top of every aspect of IT asset management for networking.


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